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On a lovely early summer evening at Yandoit Farm in central Victoria, Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren, Very Edible Gardens Director and PermaBlitz co-founder Dan Palmer & Regrarians Director Darren Doherty discuss with Regrarians’ Lisa Heenan the benefits of cooperation for local enterprises, the use of swales and a few other issues.

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On August 24, 2012 Skillset in partnership with Net Balance and ABC Rural presented FACETS 2012, a TEDx styled event that focused on key issues for regional Australia: Food, Agriculture, Climate, Energy, Topsoil and Sustainability.

FACETS 2012 consisted of 16 presentations of no more than 18 minutes each, delivered by passionate and informed people with the aim to empower people, build useful connections and bring about a positive change in our communities.

The FACETS 2012 hub event held at Skillset’s Flannery Centre in Bathurst NSW, was linked live to satellite events in regional locations across Australia, this ensured that FACETS 2012 initiated international, national and local conversations worth having.

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Darren Doherty’sĀ online portfolio of design, plans and templates since 1993.

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