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“A forest can feel like a place of great stillness and quiet. But if you dig a little deeper, there’s a hidden world beneath your feet as busy and complicated as a city at rush hour.

In this story, a dog introduces us to a strange creature that burrows beneath forests, building an underground network where deals are made and lives are saved (and lost) in a complex web of friendships, rivalries, and business relations. It’s a network that scientists are only just beginning to untangle and map, and it’s not only turning our understanding of forests upside down, it’s leading some researchers to rethink what it means to be intelligent. ”

Source: Radio lab and listen to the podcast here

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Tomato Beds


“The past couple of springs I’ve written about new research  on controlling tomato viruses, from Texas A & M University, and tried their recommended methods. It didn’t control all of the virus problems, thanks to an unusually wet, cool and humid spring we had last season, but I still saw considerable improvements, and will continue with their methods this year.

The methods I use for helping to control tomato virus (often called, “the wilt.”) are as follows. First, I incorporate agricultural cornmeal into the soil early in the year and again just before planting. Whether your local feed store calls it agricultural. cornmeal, or simply ground corn feed, it’s the same thing. Texas A & M has demonstrated that pulverized corn, with some cobs and husks, it’s worked into the soil and causes the growth of beneficial bacteria which attack tomato virus in the soil. I apply 2 lbs. of cornmeal and 1 lb. of dry molasses (which studies show helps the cornmeal work better) per 12 feet of tomato row, poured on top then mixed into the soil…”

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sendacow.org.uk writes…

Bag Gardens are a type of African garden that Send a Cow teaches families how to make in Africa. They are also a great way to get your pupils involved in a growing project, learning about healthy eating and life in an African country. These mini-gardens make the most of soil, compost and waste water, are easy to weed and can be grown in schools.


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http://www.permaculture.co.uk/ writes…

“A range of iPhone Apps to help you design, manage and learn more about gardening.


It’s no secret that technology changes the way we live each day. Good news is it simplifies our lives so much, one could say we hold the world in our pockets.

I am a keen gardener and have been testing out a range off apps that help in the garden. It doesn’t matter whether you are curious or looking for garden solutions, the following are guaranteed life-savers.”

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Milkwood writes…

How to string up your tomatos

How to string up your tomatos

“String em up, baby! Climbing tomatoes often need a helping hand to reach their full potential. Here’s our two favourite methods for stringing up best ever backyard toms.

Farm or patio, tomatoes are the go. I can’t imagine summer without them.

In a small backyard like the one we’re living in just now, climbing tomatoes make lots of sense – it’s a chance to make the most of the vertical space along our back fence for growing as much food as we can fit in.

There’s a gazillion ways you can help tomatoes to climb – I grew up with the tomato stake method.

But these days, following a few years of growing in serious quantities, we’ve borrowed a few market gardening tomato tricks for climbers, to apply to our back fence…”

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This is an excellent guide about everything banana’s!

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