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Sometimes simple ideas…

What else can I say šŸ˜‰

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richsoil.com writes…

“A bit of breakfast with Larry Korn in Ashland, Oregon. Larry was an intern for Masaobu Fukuoka for several years and did the translation for One Straw Revolution.
Larry starts off talking about the time that Bill Mollison (the inventor of permaculture) first met Fukuoka.
Larry conveys Fukuokas position on lawns, apple trees, rice, seed balls, desert, agriculture, building soil, feed the world, organic farming, pruning, Sepp Holzer, burdock, dandelion, daikon radish, buckwheat, mustard, white clover, compost, chop and drop, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, grapes, squash, chickens and much, much more.
Jocelyn Campbell of jocelynsevents.com helps with this podcast.”


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Cassandra AndersonĀ  from the MORPHcity writes…

“Monsanto researchers in Stonington, Illinois, work to develop new soybean varieties that will be tolerant to agricultural herbicide. (Photo: Monsanto via The New York Times)

Farmers like genetically modified (GM) crops because they can plant them, spray them with herbicide and then there is very little maintenance until harvest. Farmers who plant Monsanto’s GM crops probably don’t realize what they bargain for when they sign the Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement contract…”

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