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Daraja Academy

I don’t often share personal feedback for my permaculture blog, but when you read emails like this, it makes it all worth it!

“Dear David,

I would like to start out by saying your blog is absolutely beautiful and so well done. Kudos to bringing attention to something so important!
I am on the advisory board of the Daraja Academy, a non-secular secondary school for young women who have high grades and great leadership potential but lack the money to continue school. The academy is located in 4 hours northwest of Nairobi, Kenya. I’m sure you are wondering what this has to do with permaculture! On June 6th, a group of UC Davis students from California will be running a marathon specifically to raise money for a permaculture garden to be implemented at the school. They will be coming to the campus in August to create the garden and teach the students permaculture practices. Our ultimate goal is to empower the youth to practice farming methods that respect our environment.
If you would like more info, I have attached a pamphlet about Daraja Academy. To find out more about the permaculture project specifically, check out the site: http://firstgiving.com/homanrajai
I was wondering if you would be interested in running this story on your blog. The UC Davis students are Landscape Architecture majors and they are thrilled to partner with students in Kenya to increase permaculture awareness around the globe! They would be more than happy to set up a phone/email conversation with you if you are interested.
All the best,
I love how small this world really is!
Spreading the permaculture word – Create your own environment!

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Online version of…

“The Basics of Permaculture Design, first published in Australia in 1996, is an excellent introduction to these principles, design processes, and the tools needed for designing sustainable gardens, farms, and larger communities. Packed with useful tips, clear illustrations, and a wealth of experience, it guides you through designs for gardens, urban and rural properties, water harvesting systems, animal systems, permaculture in small spaces like balconies and patios, farms, schools and ecovillages. There is even a chapter about appropriate technology, covering photovoltaic, wind and hydro-power, pumping water, and cooking devices such as hayboxes and solar food dryers. This is a both a do-it-yourself guide for the enthusiast and a useful reference for permaculture designers.”

Title The Basics Of Permaculture Design
Author Ross Mars


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The End of Suburbia is a must see documentary about peak oil, arguing that it spells a hard crash for the suburban dream. David Holmgren here offers a counterview, a vision of a radically retrofitted, food producing suburbia. David Holmgren is the co-originator of Permaculture.



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Michelle Avis writes…

“This is part one of a four part series about Rob & Michelle’s three month journey exploring, visiting and learning about the what’s going on in the permaculture scene in Australia… ”

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Nancy Vedder-Shults writes…

“…For those of you who don’t know her, Starhawk is the best-known Wiccan author alive today. She’s published eleven books, including The Spiral Dance, which introduced many of us to Wicca. From the beginning of her career, she’s been very involved as an activist, and since the 1990s she’s been most active in promoting permaculture.

Star came to permaculture as a natural outgrowth of her Paganism. After many years in the Goddess movement — where we declared that the Earth was a sacred, living organism that manifests Herself in the cycles of birth, growth, death, and regeneration that occur in all of nature, including our own human culture — Star discovered permaculture. She soon realized it was a practical application of her spiritual path…”



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No. Title Duration
0 — The Trailer —
Samples from the Series — Start with this Video!
1 What is Permaculture 5:05
2 The Current State of Agriculture 5:28
3 Topsoil 4:28
4 The Productivity of a Ditch 4:05
5 What is Peak Oil 5:29
6 How Much is 2 Trillion Barrels of Oil 2:40
7 The Power of Oil 5:51
8 CO2 Levels and Goals of Permaculture 4:53
9 Where Will the Energy Come From? 5:54
10 Ancient Sunlight 6:02
11 Rural Permaculture / Holding H2O with Swales 9:10
Bonus – Geoff Lawton on Swales 1:38
12 Industrial Egg vs. The Permaculture Egg 4:52
13 The Hydrological Cycle 4:02
14 Bill and Becky’s Permaculture Rain Garden 10:02
15 Suburban Permaculture 8:13
16 Urban Permaculture 8:07
17 Pavement Gardens, Buildings & Greenhouses 9:14
18 The Vision of Permaculture 4:57

Total Running Time Approx. 1hr, 30min.

Bill Wilson’s website



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