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Here’s a great video of Craig Sponholtz explaining his guidelines for watershed restoration. As with much of permaculture design, it’s all about expanding the edges of fertility, and starting with what you have. Which, is the case of re-hyrating a landscape, is the wet spots!

It’s important to have options for fixing erosion and repairing your landscape’s hydrology that can be achieved at human scale, with the available labor that you have. And as you can see from this video, restoring moisture to the landscape is all about small slow solutions…

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permaculture.co.uk writes…

“Blustery winters often put paid to a few brollies, but if you find a clear one with plastic intact try this tip for turning it into a plant protecting cloche…”


Unbrella Cloche

Unbrella Cloche

“On a recent foraging trip, beneath the brambles I found a rusting umbrella covered with clear plastic. It was almost undamaged and on opening it out I realised it would make an excellent protective cloche for my overwintering salads.

I removed the handle to leave a long spike which acts as an effective ground anchor.

If necessary some ventilation holes could be made in the plastic at the top. And of course, when not in use, it folds away very neatly.”


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