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bluemountainspermacultureinstitute.com.au writes…

“We are happy to announce the release of the NEW book: Permaculture Teaching Matters, written by Rosemary Morrow and designed by Alba Teixidor.

This book was funded by a crowdfunding campaign early in 2015. It is a step by step guide to assist holders of a PDC to become effective and inspiring teachers. We look forward to them training the next generation of permaculture practitioners.”


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wethetrees.com writes…

We The Teachers

We The Teachers

“Several years ago, Rosemary decided to focus on teacher training courses in order to have a “multiplier effect” believing that the bottleneck keeping permaculture from growing more rapidly is not a shortage of curriculum and experience, but rather a shortage of competent permaculture teachers. So she created this TPT course to give people the skills and confidence needed to take the big step from being a practitioner to becoming a teacher.

Her wish is that permaculturists, many without funds or access to a face-to-face TPT course, will be able freely to access the course and so teach permaculture well; that other experienced teachers can learn new ideas; and that they can make the course their own…”

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