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Open Source Beehives

Open Source Beehives

Combining elements of natural beekeeping, citizen science, open source hardware, and networked smart devices, these DIY beehives could be a powerful tool in the fight against Colony Collapse Disorder.

Honeybees are amazing creatures, because not only are they responsible for producing that jar of honey on your counter by flying tens of thousands of miles and visiting millions of flowers, but they’re also an incredibly important part of our ecosystem, working tirelessly as pollinators. In fact, without honeybees and other bees, our agriculture and food system would look drastically different, as bees pollinate about 70 of the top 100 food crops, and are said to account for 80% of pollination worldwide…

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Wild Food Map

Wild Food Map

  • Discover plants around you.
  • Locate plants on the map.
  • Identify plants via peer and community review.
  • Get suggestions via social and local recommendations.
  • Learn about useful, edible and medicinal plants Share local information on useful plants Connect with fellow plant lovers.

Source: http://wildfood.in/


On a lovely early summer evening at Yandoit Farm in central Victoria, Permaculture co-originator David Holmgren, Very Edible Gardens Director and PermaBlitz co-founder Dan Palmer & Regrarians Director Darren Doherty discuss with Regrarians’ Lisa Heenan the benefits of cooperation for local enterprises, the use of swales and a few other issues.


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“It’s fab, it’s new, and the honey flows straight into the jar. It’s so easy. But then, powdered instant potato is easy, too. Does that make it a good idea?

Despite my mission to focus on positivistic messages of change, at Milkwood we’ve got a charter of calling a spade a spade.

And to call yet another plastic beehive addition which does not benefit the bees but only the beekeeper… what it is.

We’ve seen a lot (like, a LOT) of media about the Flow Hive ™ in this last week and after a few hundred questions about what we think of it, we thought we’d spell it out…”

“The best analogy I can think of to demonstrate this point is battery egg production vs pastured egg production.”

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David Holmgren talks collapse at the Sustainable Living Festival Great Debate

The full event can be view here: https://vimeo.com/119722889


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“Phonebloks is an independent organisation with the purpose of encouraging the development and production of products that produce less electronic waste.”




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We The Teachers

We The Teachers

“Several years ago, Rosemary decided to focus on teacher training courses in order to have a “multiplier effect” believing that the bottleneck keeping permaculture from growing more rapidly is not a shortage of curriculum and experience, but rather a shortage of competent permaculture teachers. So she created this TPT course to give people the skills and confidence needed to take the big step from being a practitioner to becoming a teacher.

Her wish is that permaculturists, many without funds or access to a face-to-face TPT course, will be able freely to access the course and so teach permaculture well; that other experienced teachers can learn new ideas; and that they can make the course their own…”

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