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Mulder’s Interaction Chart

Mineral Wheel

Mineral Wheel

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Soil-Nutrient Relationships

The University of Hawaii writes…

Soil Nutrient Relationships

Soil Nutrient Relationships

Cation exchange

The ‘soil cations’ essential for plant growth include ammonium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. There are three additional ‘soil cations,’ which are not essential plant elements but affect soil pH. The additional ‘soil cations’ include sodium, aluminum and hydrogen.

Soil cations that are essential to plant growth

  • Ammonium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

Soil cations that affect soil pH

  • Sodium
  • Aluminum
  • Hydrogen

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milkwood.net writes…

“…The Allsun Farm planting calendar system works in a simple but powerful way: Each month has a designated card. On that card is all the info you need to have about that month, for your particular climate, based on your planting plan, and what will and won’t grow where you live at that time of year.

It’s disarmingly simple, and powerful too. An excel spreadsheet or a complicated planting plan is great for the office, but to have all that info distilled down to a simple card, that you can take to the garden, makes the impossible suddenly possible.

Each month has three columns: Grow Seedlings (ie plant them into pots), Sow into Ground, andPick. You organize the crops you’re planning on growing into these three columns, and, assuming you’re up to speed on how to deal with each crop, off you go…”

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source: permaculture.co.uk

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Learn how to:

  • Grow food in an era of wild weather and climate change
  • Garden with little to no irrigation or “store-bought” inputs
  • Garden efficiently and comfortably (even with a bad back)
  • Customize your garden to deal with special dietary needs or a need for weight control
  • Make breads and cakes from home-grown corn using original gluten-free recipes (with no other grains, artificial binders, or dairy products)
  • Keep a laying flock of ducks or chickens, integrate them with your gardening, and grow most of their feed
Source: Permaculture Media Blog

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This is the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10), which is held every two years on a different continent. For September 2011 the IPC will be held in Jordan.

Watch the live video stream here

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Gapminder.org: Try it yourself

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