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Wild Food Map

Wild Food Map

  • Discover plants around you.
  • Locate plants on the map.
  • Identify plants via peer and community review.
  • Get suggestions via social and local recommendations.
  • Learn about useful, edible and medicinal plants Share local information on useful plants Connect with fellow plant lovers.

Source: http://wildfood.in/


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The Apios Institute

Apios Institute

apiosinstitute.org writes…

The Apios Institute supports you to undertake ecological garden design, research, demonstration, and education. We support the mimicry of temperate deciduous forest ecosystems for the production of food, fuel, fiber, fodder, fertilizers, farmaceuticals, and fun.

“The Edible Forest Gardens wiki is a co-creative space where you can post photos and stories about perennial plants, poly-cultures  and forest gardens – and view posts from other edible forest gardeners from cold climates around the world. The wiki is growing quickly, and we’ll soon be adding more features to better-categorize your forest gardens and polycultures. We look forward to your contribution.”


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