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What a great idea!

“The seed lending library, established as part of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s Move Eat Live Well program, is one of the first of its kind in Australia.”

“The seed lending library will provide free seeds on ‘loan’ to library members, encouraging them to grow healthy food and to provide them greater access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Those people who are successful in harvesting the high-quality, non-hybrid seeds will simply be asked to return some of them to the library. People will also be asked to share excess seeds, seedlings and produce with their local community gardens, neighbours and services such as soup kitchens and refuges.

Library staff will manage the cataloguing, storage and loan process and will also develop educational tools to teach people how to successfully grow from seed.

The library’s new community garden has been established on the northern side of the library (fronting Gordon Street) and consists of a number of raised beds. It has already been planted by volunteers.

The garden will be managed and maintained by volunteers and will be used to promote the growing of food, healthy eating and exercise. Library staff will assist by developing educational resources and running workshops to teach people about gardening.”



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See Seed Savers’ 660 film clips on seed saving and bio-cultural matters on Seedsavers Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/seedsavers It is divided into twenty-five playlists that make it easier to choose a clip or to follow a theme. Examples of our Playlists on our Youtube Channel:

Michel and Jude continue to produce and upload film clips in the seed gardens in Byron Bay, Australia. More clips are added every week, so be there!

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