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Chicken tunnels

Eco films Australia writes…

Chicken tunnel

“Although allowing your chickens to free-range a great idea, getting them to just stay on the grass and not destroy your garden is not an easy thing to do. They don’t seem to listen and wander about blissfully digging up your garden, making mounds in your vegetable patch, spraying dirt all over the place as they go hunting for bugs, worms and insects…”

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Healthier chook management

Chicken House

Dennis Argall writes…

“I previously had a large run for chooks (chook is the Australian generic for chicken/hen/rooster) which became unmanageable, the chooks constantly escaping and eating every seedling in the backyard. A conventional feeder meant I was also raising about 40 sparrows and four pigeons. Open water meant dirty water, worms and sick and dead chooks.

A fox came and cleaned up that flock. I replaced the chickens in that large run with asparagus, strawberries, leeks, artichokes, zucchini, yakon, youngberry, herbs, etc.

I resolved to start again but with closer management: small house for three hens, small mesh/net run to be moved around garden for day forage, vermin and weather proof feeder, my own construction, and nipple drinkers, to provide only fresh water…”

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